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Guided Tour Reservation Request

We're sorry to say that we are not available for the new reservation.

We are sorry that we do not accept reservations on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.
Please read the following notes before making a reservation.

  • Please provide all the information required below to make your reservation.
  • You can withhold personal data, but in such cases, please note that we may not be able to offer you all of our services.
  • We use your personal data for the purpose of replying to you and providing information.
  • Our group companies or third party contractors may use personal data for such purposes.
  • You can request us at any time to disclose, correct or delete any personal data we have retained. Please contact us using this form.
  • Children under 16 years old are requested to make reservations after receiving consent from their parents or guardians.
  • For reservations made on Monday (except holidays) and during company holidays, we will reply on the earliest working day.
  • For more details, please read Toshiba Corporation's Privacy Policy.

Please be sure to fill in items marked "required".

Visitor Information

Requested date and time of visitrequired

Reservations accepted on the 1st of the month, one month prior to the date you would like to visit.
(e.g. Desired date of visit: Oct 15th -> Reservations can be accepted from Sep 1st.)
Please confirm whether you would like to have a guided English tour regardless of the expected amount of visitors.

Expected amount of visitors

 (A new window will open.)

From : To :
Month Date Year
In the case of multi-national groups, the nationalities of all members are to be stated.
Adults/ Childrenrequired  / 
Type of transportationrequired ( bus(es))  

We do not accept group tour buses on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.

Contact Information

Please retype.

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