Facilities & Barrier-free

Guided tour (available in Japanese, English and Chinese)

Not only Japanese-speaking attendants but also English- and Chinese-speaking attendants are available. (Advance reservations are required. In principle, a guided tour is offered only to a group of 20 or more visitors.)
Free to use Audio Guide is available only in the History Zone. (The system supports Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.)

Drinking and eating

We do not offer space for visitors to eat lunch.
At the moment, the lunch space for group tour participants is closed.

For guests with wheelchairs and strollers

There are stairs and elevators facing the Symphony Hall Intersection on the west side of LAZONA Kawasaki TOSHIBA Building.
There is an intercom at the gate to the right of the neighboring parking entrance. Push the intercom button to call for an attendant to guide you.

For information about access from the station, see Visitors using wheelchairs & strollers.

Map for visitors using wheelchairs and strollers

First-aid station

If you feel ill, ask the receptionist for assistance. At the moment, the first-aid station is not available for nursing.

Changing diapers

For visitors with a baby aged 24 months or less, a ladies restroom and a multipurpose restroom are equipped with diaper change tables.
Other visitors are asked to bring and use their own diaper changing sheets in the multipurpose restroom.

Free Wi-Fi

"Toshiba Science Museum Wi-Fi" is available in the exhibition area.

[How to use the Wi-Fi service]

  1. Check "Settings" on your Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or tablet.
    • Android: "Settings " → "Network & Internet " → "Wi-Fi "
    • iOS: "Settings " →"Wi-Fi"
  2. From the network list, choose Toshiba Science Museum SSID:


  3. Connect to the Internet, and then read the terms of use.
  4. Register your email address or social media account.
  5. Once the registration is complete, you will be redirected to the Toshiba Science Museum website at https://toshiba-mirai-kagakukan.jp/.

    * The free Wi-Fi service is available for unlimited use for 60 minutes per connection (authentication).

Free Wi-Fi mark

Free to use Audio Guide

You can use an Audio Guide for the History Zone. This device uses visible light communication and our speech synthesis technology (ToSpeak™).Four languages are available: English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.The Audio Guide is recommended if you want to see the exhibits at your own pace.

REGZA tablet AT570 with a 7.7-inch wide organic EL display

REGZA tablet AT570
with a 7.7-inch wide organic EL display

Language Settings screen using ToSpeak™

Language Settings screen using ToSpeak™

Screen for audio guidance using ToSpeak™

Screen for audio guidance using ToSpeak™

Where to borrow the Audio Guide

Information Desk (for borrowing and returning the Audio Guide)

  • The staff will tell you about how to borrow and use the device.Return the device to the same place you rent it.
  • Before borrowing the device, you will be asked to put down your name and phone number.
  • Return the device immediately after use.
Information Desk

Information Desk

Audio Guide are available.
Up to 20
  • There may be a wait when the museum is crowded.
  • Reservations are not accepted.
No fee is required.