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Toshiba's origins can be traced back to July 11, 1875 when founder Hisashige Tanaka opened a new shop and factory in Ginza, Tokyo. Toshiba's Science Museum was established in 1961, however, its history actually goes back further to the Mazda Lighting School, built in 1927. The School was located at the Tokyo Electric Corporation, Horikawa-Cho Factory. Employees of electric companies and electrical appliance shops learned electric lighting and the wiring of electric apparatuses there at a time when electric lamps were beginning to spread rapidly throughout Japan. The general public could also make reservations for a tour of the school with guides showing them around. In that sense it could be said that the Mazda Lighting School was the predecessor of the old Toshiba Science Museum. Unfortunately the School was reduced to ashes by an air raid in the Kawasaki area in 1945. The restoration of the Mazda Lighting School was widely anticipated and eventually realized by the opening of the former Toshiba Science Museum in 1961. The current Toshiba Science Museum opened in the LAZONA area in front of Kawasaki Station on January 31st, 2014, 87 years after the Mazda Lighting School was built.

Toshiba's Science Museum plays three important roles for the local community: The first of these roles is to display cutting-edge technology and science, mainly through electronics, while also providing guests with information about those electronics. Secondly it is to contribute to science and technology education. Lastly it is to preserve and pass down the industrial heritage and history of Toshiba. We accomplish this by providing a rich source of information through a variety of zones, including; the Future Zone, which exhibits advanced technology from the present to the future, the Science Zone, which holds scientific experiments and science shows, not only for children but also for families, and the History Zone, which contains the Founders' Room and exhibits Toshiba's first products of their kind so guests can feel the history of Japan's electronic industry with actual goods. There are also many game-like attractions where guests can learn about cutting-edge technology.

Technological developments make our lives more fruitful and comfortable. These advancements in technology will play a big part in our future and we hope our museum will help stimulate your curiosity regarding these developments. This Museum sets “Contact between people and science” as its theme and continues being active as a communicative facility for cultural exchanges with the local community. We look forward to seeing you at our museum in the future.

Toshiba Science Museum Director
Takano Iwakiri

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