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Toshiba Science Museum’s origins date far back to 1927 and the Mazda Lighting Institute. Hakunetsu-sha (later renamed Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd.), established by Ichisuke Fujioka, one of Toshiba founders, set up the Institute to promote the spread of lighting and electrical products, and to teach the usefulness of electrification and how to wire circuits. The general public could reserve guided tours of the facility, so this was really the beginning of our museum. Unfortunately, the original premises were reduced to ashes by an air raid in 1945. However, after that, in 1961, under Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (the current Toshiba), the company that resulted from the merger of Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. with Shibaura Engineering Works Co., Ltd., whose origins date back to a company established in 1875 by our other founder, Hisashige Tanaka, the facility was revived as the Toshiba Science Museum, the direct predecessor of today’s our museum. Over the course of more than 50 years, we welcomed over 9-million visitors. In January 2014, as the redevelopment of the LAZONA Kawasaki area proceeded, we moved to this location and opened the current Toshiba Science Museum. In 2016, the number of visitors to us reached 1 million, an overall total of over 10 million.

Toshiba Science Museum fulfils three roles for the local community. The first is to introduce our initiatives for realizing a prosperous society through cutting-edge technologies and businesses; the second is to contribute to educational activities that nurture an interest in science, and to provide a place for science and technology education for the young people who will be leaders in the next generation; and the third is to preserve and pass on the industrial heritage and history that opened up a new world. To fulfil these roles, we are separated into zones where information is disseminated to everyone. The Future Zone showcases cutting-edge technologies and business initiatives that will lead us from the present into the future. The experiments and science shows in the Science Zone can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults, and its many interactive exhibits make learning about the latest technologies like playing a game. The History Zone features the Room of the Founders and the Firsts of Their Kinds, where you can experience the passion and steadfast progress of our two founders, and the history of the Japanese electrical industry.

The development of science and technology makes our lives richer and more comfortable. We hope you will enjoy experiencing the wonder and excitement of the cutting-edge science and technologies that will lead us into the future, and that your curiosity will be stimulated. That may eventually turn into a passion for enriching the world. We will continue to operate as a communication facility for cultural exchange in collaboration with the local community, focusing on the theme of interaction between people and science.

Let's experience the future together. We look forward to welcoming you to the museum.

Toshiba Science Museum Director

Hiroyuki Fuke

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