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History Zone

Introduction of the history of Toshiba that has created innovations in society through Toshiba products that were "firsts in Japan" and "firsts in the world".

A guide system is available in the History Zone. Explanations about the exhibit can be enjoyed via text, audio or a video using a special tablet. Please make use of the system during your visit.

・The number of guide systems for rental is limited.
・Guide systems are not rented out to children.
・You are required to present some form of identification when you rent.

Firsts of Their Kinds

Electric washing machine, which set women free from housework and 60kW two-phase AC generator which lit the towns of Japan. In all ages, new electric appliances have been creating new ways of life.

Refrigerators, washing machines, color TV sets, and electric fans...
Toshiba manufactured these electric appliances which became very common for the first time in Japan. Please look at the course of Toshiba's history and the history of the development of Japan's electric/electronic technology.

History Zone | Firsts of Their Kinds

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