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Future Zone

Cities in the Future

Future Zone | Cities in the Future

Introducing a limited energy device without wasting that helps to make people's lives more comfortable and convenient.


Paper Reusing System -Loops-

Toshiba's Paper Reusing System uses a special "Erasable Toner" to print which uses a "Paper Reusing Device" that enables the erased paper to be reused for printing. At this exhibit, we are introducing the mechanism of the Erasable Toner and the structure of the paper reusing system.

Paper Reusing System -Loops-

The Erasable Toner has a mechanism that disconnects the bonding of color couplers and adjusters when applied above a certain temperature. This results in the colors on the paper disappearing.

Paper Reusing System -Loops-

The Structure and Function of the Paper Reusing System

Regenerative Energy which is used by trains and electric vehicles.

When applying the brakes to trains or electric vehicles, the power from the forward motion can be used to turn a motor into a generator. This is called regenerative energy which effectively uses the energy that would have been lost before.

Usage of Regenerative Energy in Train System

Smart Eye Sensor to detect people through image recognition

An example of detection by Smart Eye Sensor.
The image is an example of detection by Smart Eye Sensor.

This is a new motion sensor using image recognition technology. It can detect a variety of information such as a slight movement of a person whose sitting, the number of people in an area of a room, and active masses of the people. All of which used to be very difficult to measure before.

Solar Power Generation which balances comfort and energy saving

Generating electricity from sunlight at home, can drastically reduce the electricity bill. Toshiba’s solar power module has high generating efficiency. By making a complete set of Toshiba's products, including HEMS and an electricity storage system, you will be able to use electricity effectively.

Solar Power Generation which balances comfort and energy saving

Amusement Exhibit

Amusement Exhibit of Paper Reusing System

There are some pictures for coloring related to 3 themes; a city, the sea and a jungle.
Depending on the theme of the day, please color a picture with our erasable pens. Then, the staff will scan your picture and it will appear on the monitor. If you touch your illustration, it will make some noise! This exhibit introduces Erasable toner and Reusable paper technology.

Amusement Exhibit of Paper Reusing SystemAmusement Exhibit of Paper Reusing System

Smart Steps

Smart Steps

Move your whole body to collect smart items, and create your own "smart" house. While having fun you can learn about home solutions which provide safe and secure lives.

Smart Building Experience

Smart Building Experience

You control elevators, lighting, and air conditioning in the building by touching the big display panel. You can learn how wonderful a smart building with a "brain" is while playing.

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