Toshiba Science Museum

The Toshiba Science Museum was opened in 1961 in commemoration of the 85th anniversary of Toshiba's foundation as a company. It welcomed large numbers of visitors for around 52 years, but closed in September 2013 in order to relocate, and reopened on 31st January 2014 in the Kawasaki LAZONA area (in front of Kawasaki Station), on the second floor of the "Smart Community Center", under the name "Toshiba Science Museum".

Things we only dreamed about in the future - the ability to control household electrics via a network operated from a smartphone; buildings that consider optimized energy efficiency by themselves, based on the number of visitors and the activity taking place; cars that can see pedestrians and other obstacles as though they have eyes - are gradually becoming reality.

Opened in 2014, the new Toshiba Science Museum introduces the history of Toshiba, which has changed the way people live through the application of cutting-edge technology, through a History Zone, experiments, and workshops, a Science Zone, in which children can learn science and technology while having fun, and a Future Zone, which allows visitors to come into contact with the future ideal of "smart communities".

We hope you will come to visit us, to experience science, and the future before it happens!


The relationship between people and science

At the Toshiba Science Museum, visitors can learn about and experience the history of the Toshiba Group and the earliest Toshiba products, as well as environmental, energy-related and social infrastructure, semiconductors, digital products and other cutting-edge technology that will shape future society and lifestyles. In communication with our local community, we provide a Scientific Laboratory, and are engaged in activities that support science and technology education for young people. Many of our exhibits are designated industrial and technological artefacts, allowing the Museum to be used to learn about Japan's industrial culture. We aim to further deepen our links with the local community through continuing to develop the exciting attractions available at the Toshiba Future Science Museum, along the theme of "the interaction between people and science.