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Permanent Exhibition

Future Zone


  • Energy Use in the Future
    Energy Use in the Future
    Striving for a sustainable future. Methods of environment-friendly power generation are being developed one after another.
  • Cities in the Future
    Cities in the Future
    Our town is full of innovative ideas to make good use of limited energy sources, such as motors and batteries.
  • Buildings in the Future
    Buildings in the Future
    Buildings can detect people's movements and figure out ways to use energy efficiently on its own. Smarter energy savings have also made buildings smarter.

Home & Healthcare

  • Homes in the Future
    Homes in the Future
    Links between homes, between buildings, between electric appliances. Making energy saving more convenient by linking everything together.
  • Healthcare in the Future
    Healthcare in the Future
    Removing cancer cells from deep inside your body. The IT evolution is supporting medical progress.


  • Information in the Future
    Information in the Future
    Vehicles that prevent accidents by sensing people and other cars, and flash memories with an enormous storage capacity. People's big dreams are being realized by tiny semi-conductors.

History Zone

  • Founder's Room
    Founder's Room
    Introduction of Toshiba's DNA through an exhibit on the dramatic lives of the founders of Toshiba, Hisashige Tanaka and Ichisuke Fujioka.
  • The First of Their Kind
    The First of Their Kind
    Introduction of the "firsts in Japan" and "firsts in the world" achieved by Toshiba that have created innovations in society.

Welcome Zone

  • Vision Exhibition
    Vision Exhibition
    The Smart Community concept and initiatives taken across all Toshiba businesses to realize a prosperous future are introduced on a large screen.

Science Zone

  • Science & Technology
    Science & Technology
    Mysterious, interesting and educational. Visitors can enjoy experiencing these fascinating aspects of science through experiments and demonstrations in this zone.

Topics Area

  • Topics Area
    Topics Area
    In this area, we introduce Toshiba's latest topics. We are currently focusing on hydrogen energy.

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